Powwownow office stereotypes infographic

What we did:
Print design
Online marketing


Powwownow are a conference call service provider in the UK. They commissioned Bourne and Bred to create an infographic to illustrate the various types of stereotypes that are found in many UK corporate companies.

The brief was to illustrate the stereotypes in a fun, informal, and engaging way that would promote sharing on social media. As well as organic sharing, the infographic was to be used on blogs and social media as a way of generating PR and inbound traffic to the Powwownow website.



We used a simple but effective illustration style to bring each stereotype to life. We created office desk scenes that were flexible enough to be used in long infographics or as standalone illustrations to accompany marketing messages on social media.

We also created an office bingo sheet that could be used to tick off the stereotypes in the reader's own office.

The full infographic can be found here.

Ian took our brief and understood how to bring our business objectives to life through creative design that portrayed our messaging clearly.
— Jacqui Beel, Powwownow

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